Tuesday, May 19, 2009

NND New Release NOW with Ultraviolence!

So...I have been blogcrastinating because frankly I don't think I'm a very good writer, but here goes anyways (I'll include lots of pretty pictures so you don't have to listen to me much).

First up: Droogie
Kash and I worked our butts off on this to make it perfect so you better come and love on it. It's a replica outfit of the Droogies from Clockwork Orange that quite frankly includes everything you need for a bit of the old, shirts and pants(bloodied, clean and dirty), custom sculpts and much more. Kash did the prims and I did the clothes (the pants sculpt is my first try at sculpties).
Pretty picture:

Then I finally did a couples pose for friends. Just for being goofy and having fun...there's also one rezzed in-world on my sim so you can replicate this pretty picture here:

Annnnd last but not least for the cute punky chick who wants to look super smexy I did a Pink Skullies Lingerie set with all kinds of layers and options. It's gray silk with girly skullies and pink hearts. Last pretty picture:

Come by my mainstore to check all of this out, it's better in person :D.
Also available on XstreetSL:

<3 Colleen