Monday, June 2, 2008

Black and Blue leaves us wanting more

Satuday's Black and Blue event Rocked!

Of course I have to be in themed attire and what cuter attire than this?!
The adorable skirt and leg warmers is from Razorblade Kittens on the ORGAsim. The skirt is adorable and short, and comes in a few colors, called ""Punky Skirt". Only $150L per color. The "Leggies" are a steal at $75L per color and match all the skirts. I picked my on top from my inventory but I felt adorable all night in this outfit!

You can get it at Razorblade Kittens in the Naughty Neko Wonder emporium

Starting late, and missing a host, we were off to a rocky start, but nonetheless we danced and pranced. Crystallia Brandenburg was my partner in stage crime, in her hot lil blue outfit...

Crystallia and I were heating up the stage in our blue and black. It always makes me purr to dance with this girl, she is just so smokin hot!!

Our smexy little DJ Nix just looked delicious in his black. Sorry bois and girls, hes taken, but it dosent hurt to look!

Nix shares some quality dances...

Anya was super smexy kitty in her blue and black. You gotta love the attention to detail, I loved her blue tipped hair!

A rare one to take requests, Colonel takes Crystallias casual comment about a blue thong to heart, and dons one for this event.
In the end, colonel always feels the breeze somehow...

Sugarfire joined us later, looking sexy in fishnets and truly high tops.

Crystallia was getting married in 11 hours, so just for my naughty dancer Crystallia, and her upcoming marriage, I removed one item of clothing for each person who came in and stayed for 20 mins...

Our Bride to Be puts on a festive veil to prance around in..

We debated on looks awhile, and decided that the sweetest and purest nun will be the dirtiest and kinkiest whore, just like the innocent looking ones always turn out to be the naugtiest...

'Course we always can't resist getting a lil nekkid in the end....

Join us next time in our naughty fun at the Naughty Neko! We'll be looking for ya!

Kisses - Kindlekat